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Internal Posting: IT Technician/Moodle Master

IT Technician/”Moodle Master”


The IT Technician/”Moodle Master” will be responsible for fixing and maintaining the various technologies utilized by Behavioral Connections across all service locations. Your time will be split providing direct services 50% and providing IT 50% of your hours.




• Maintain Behavioral Connection’s website. Note: this does not require a working knowledge of computer code.

• Maintaining and troubleshooting the more technical aspects of using, such as managing student rosters, copying and exporting course material, and setting up dynamic quizzes. To clarify, you do not need to create content for Moodle; only to help manage it.

• Troubleshoot various technical issues for staff, including but not limited to updating software, removing viruses and bugs, technical glitches, installing drivers (e.g., for the printer).

• Troubleshooting networking issues.

• Inventory and upgrade company laptops.

• Make secure backups of employee laptops.

• Port content from to

• As a new position within the organization, other responsibilities may emerge as well.


Training Provided


Training will be provided cover the basics of




• Currently employed full-time by Behavioral Connections.


Preferred Qualifications


• Experience with any Learning Management System (LMS)

• Any relevant technical experience, such as working with computers.

To apply, email

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