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Some of the resources compiled by Sheryl: – They list a lot of online/virtual activities in their newsletter.  Right now they have virtual story hours and virtual field trips listed.    They are adding online activities daily and there are some great virtual field trips that have been added. You can sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date on what is available.

South Shore Tae Kwon Do is offering free online classes that require no previous experience.  The classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 to 4:30.  You need to sign up for the Zoom app and then use the meeting code 692 184 7837



12 Popular Games adapted for children with autism



Websites with educational games and activities:

(They have some free activities)




Endless Reader


A site with a large listing  of activity websites:


These sites have lots of links to crafts and indoor activities:


Motor Activities:


GoNoodle: for YouTube (search GoNoodle)

Cosmic Kids Yoga – App or available on YouTube


More Resources: – a large listing of worksheets and activities on a variety of subjects


Reading Logs –    Printable reading logs (or you can just keep a list) – reinforce for a set number of books.  Ask WH questions at the end of sections. – another site with a variety of worksheets and activities.  It looks like most are free.


Other things you can do:


  • Read simple books to your child and ask WH questions at the end of a page or section

  • Expand conversations in a game-like format (Example:  What is your favorite animal? Horse What can you do with a horse? Ride it. What else can you ride?  A bike. How many wheels does a bicycle have?  Two. What action can you do 2 times?  Clap. Show me clapping 2 times.  (claps twice).  What is an activity you clap for? Soccer goal …..  (see how far you can extend the conversation—this is great to do for a snack i.e. 1 goldfish for each response)



Families – Let me know if you need anything specific.  I will add to this list as needed


Stay safe and healthy!



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