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Intensive Teaching
Mand Training
Intensive Teaching

Evolved from Lovaas's Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Behavioral Connections uses Intensive Teaching, which improves upon the method of instruction in many respects. Rather than attempting to teach one skill many times in row, we vary the instruction, which keeps the learners engaged and increases the rate of acquisition. We also make the table one of the most fun places to be. Our learners love learning at the table.

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Mand Training

In neurotypical development, a child learns to understand and use lanugage by its function. We teach the same way. A mand, which functions as a request, is taught throughout each session.

When a child can state their needs, they will no longer have a need of crying or other inapppropriate behavior.

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Instructional control is the degree to which our learners respond appropriately to our instruction. By increasing the frequency of activities the learners engage in, the more opportunities we have to reinforce appropriate responding. When a learner reacts negatively to an instruction, we can also use this opportunity to teach them that their negative behaviors won't give them access to their preferred activities and items.

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