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With the re-opening of our on-site, clinical services, Behavioral Connections will strive to meet, if not surpass, the following guidelines that are in accordance with local, state, federal, and CDC guidelines.


  1. All persons entering the facility must complete a ‘wellness check’ that includes a battery of questions related to SARS-CoV-2 transmission and a temperature check at least once per day. If symptoms or the possibility of exposure are present, the individual is not allowed into the facility.

  2. While on site, all staff are required, without exception, to wear approved facial coverings, such a medical mask, n95/kn95 mask, or a double later cloth mask. Currently, neck gaiters and vented masks are not permitted. Masks are to be worn over the nose and under the chin.

  3. Staff are required to maintain a distance of six or more feet from all persons. Direct service staff (i.e. RBT’s) may approach their clients within six feet, however they must keep the client six or more feet away from all other persons.

  4. As patients are not required to wear masks due to medical exemption, physical barriers have been erected to reduce the possibility of transmission; each patient has their own designated area. Please click here to see examples.

  5. Staff must sanitize their hands after touching their face, head, or mask.

  6. Staff are required to sanitize all areas used at the end of each session. Sanitizing products have been made readily available throughout each site (though still out of reach of the clients).

  7. Professional cleaners sanitize each site every day prior to client arrival. This includes the use of a sanitizing fogging machine (similar to this).

  8. All staff are required to complete a training that covers the topics of donning and doffing protective equipment, mask use, and hand washing. Staff are required to sign an attestation that they have completed the training and will follow the guidelines without exception.

  9. All staff are required to take their lunch somewhere secluded (e.g. their car).

  10. If any staff or client is confirmed to have CoViD-19 or has been in contact with someone that is confirmed or suspected to have CoViD-19, that individual is immediately placed on CoViD-Leave.

  11. If an individual produces a positive CoViD test, they may not return to the site until symptoms have subsided and they have produced a negative CoViD test.

  12. If an individual has been exposed to CoViD, they may not return to work until producing a negative test. However, the test results will only be considered valid if the individual waits five days until after exposure before being tested.

  13. If a client or staff member is confirmed to have CoViD, all staff and clients that may have been exposed while on site are placed on CoViD-Leave. These individuals may not return until two weeks have elapsed and they have produced a negative CoViD test; tests will not be considered valid unless a minimum of eight days have elapsed from exposure. Security footage is carefully reviewed to determine all possible individuals at risk per the CDC guidelines 

  14. Behavioral Connections will continue to provide telehealth services via BC-Virtual for any family that does not feel comfortable receiving on site services. For any interested families, please visit for more information.

  15. As of current, administrative and auxiliary staff are working remotely to reduce the number of persons on site.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at

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