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Internal Posting: Interal Reruiter

Internal Recruiter


The internal recruiter will primarily be responsible for delivering potential hires, most notably for Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts, to the head of HR. The internal recruiter will use a ‘grassroots’ approach, which relies on active recruiting and less traditional recruiting channels, such as online job boards.




• Continuously monitor and develop your own professional social media presence and persona, especially utilizing LinkedIn.

• Continuously expand your professional network, both online and in-person.

• Source potential candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media channels. Uncover their contact information and invite them for a discussion.

• Develop and maintain connections with various local college and their relevant department heads and faculty, such as those in the Behavior Analysis and Psychology programs.

• Register and attend relevant job fairs.

• Provide on-campus recruiting events at colleges.

• Develop a list of unusual but effective sources for candidates (e.g., bartenders often make great RBT’s).

• Screen prospective hires with an introductory phone call or virtual meeting.

• Schedule prospective hires for interviews.

• Give tours to and interview prospective hires as needed.

• As an new position within the organization, new responsibilties may emerge as well.


Training Provided


Training will be provided covering the basics of establishing a professional social media presence, sourcing candidates, finding contact information, and more.




• Currently employed full-time by Behavioral Connections.

• This position will require “cold calling,” a skill that some may not.


Preferred Qualifications


• A background in recruiting or marketing.

• Customer service has many transferable skills.

• Working knowledge of relevant social media ‘best practices,’ such as the best times to post jobs.

Not sure if you're right for the job? Apply anyway! 

To apply, email

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