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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

We are a medical Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Service Provider.

We use B.F. Skinner’s functional analysis of language to empower children with language. All interventions begin with pairing ourselves and our teaching environments, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both learner and provider. Following that, we utilize multiple antecedent variables to increase responding and language acquisition.

As a policy, there is no use of restraint or seclusion with any learner; instead we offer a highly supportive environment.

Services are provided at our centers in New Bedford and Bridgewater, MA, for learners up to the age of 21. Learners of diverse levels and abilities are accommodated and services are provided within daytime hours.

About Our Culture:


Our culture is built upon passions for helping and learning. We commit ourselves to our learners, ensuring skill acquisition on a weekly basis. And we commit ourselves to the science of Behavior Analysis, ensuring that we’re using the most up to date, evidence based technologies available.

As such, we love when staff further their education and work hard to build schedules that allow staff to do so. We also feel a strong obligation to contribute to the field of Behavior Analysis and are always motivated to conduct research.

We provide ongoing training and attend various conferences such as the Penn State Autism Conference.

We will consider relocation expenses.


• Strong Verbal Behavior based instruction and culture

• 1:6-8 supervision ratios

• Center based services; No travel

• Daily, face-to-face contact with your supervisor

• Weekly contact with the founders

• We have a dedicated staff member for billing. You just have to submit the hours, which is done through an online billing system (Central Reach) in just a few clicks

• We also utilize Central Reach for data entry and case management, so your clients' information is always available to you

• Role flexibility including direct service, case management, parent training, social skills group, more

• Hourly full time position (30-40 hours), with most hours between 9 am and 3 pm. Your shifts will never go later than 5:30.

• Guaranteed regular schedule with all hours billable, regardless of cancellations

• Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance (full time)

• Paid Time Off

• Competitive pay

• We will provide significant training, bringing you up to speed on all practices within the organization. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your supervision before placing you in that role.

• Also, training is paid!

• All of our employees undergo a lengthy training process as well, so you can feel confident in the abilities of the people you supervise. Their training consists of a minimum 3 week training period, a mandatory RBT course (provided by us), and they are required to pass four separate rigorous competency exams prior to working independently with any client.

• Research Opportunities

• Company laptop

When you apply, please include:
• Current Resume
• Current Cover Letter
• Preferred Location
(New Bedford, North Dartmouth, or Bridgewater)

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