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Norwood, Massachusetts is our newest facility and we've only just opened the doors. Like our other centers, Norwood will be used to provide ABA services for children with an autism diagnosis. You may notice from these pictures that the environment is a little... empty. We've always enriched the environment with toys and activities particular to each patient, meaning the rooms will quickly fill up with toys and activities for each individual learner. To get a sense of what this might look like, check out the pictures for our New Bedford and Bridgewater facilities.













1) Huge gym space. Unfortunately, due to CoViD, this space will not be utilized until it is safe to do so.

2) Bathrooms. Sanitized after each use and deep-cleaned at the end of every day.

3) These rooms will be the primary teaching rooms for our learners. During CoViD Conscious learning times, these rooms will have limited capacity and likely be sectioned off similar to our New Bedford location.

4) Under normal circumstances, these rooms will be used as office space and as a site for additional services, such as OT, PT, and social skills groups. During CoViD Conscious times, however, these rooms will be used as additional teaching rooms.

5) Kitchen. This will be used in a limited capacity for the time being due to CoViD.

6) Front entrance.

7) Back entrance, with elevator.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What insurances do you accept?

We accept all insurances, including MassHealth.

• Do I have to live in Norwood to be eligible for ABA services?

Nope! Technically, we are a medical facility, which means we can take on clients from just about anywhere as long as they have an autism diagnosis.

• How do I know if my insurance covers services?

Per the ARICA bill, all insurance carriers, including MassHealth, are required to cover the cost of any ABA services for any child with an autism diagnosis. The exception to this are insurances that are "self-funded," but these are rare and many still cover the cost of these services.

• Why Norwood, MA?

We routinely work with referral partners such as developmental pediatricians, neurologists, and psychologists. All of which have suggested expanding services into this area. When we looked into it, we were astonished to find that an area as busy as Norwood provided so few options to families for ABA autism services.

Now enrolling for Norwood! ​Call 781-352-8047 or email to get started!

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