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The Research.

As much as we want to make sure we're using the most up to date, evidence based practices, we also want to contribute to the public body of knowledge. We're in this together, and we hope to help this field as much as it's helped us.

We recently presented the following six posters at the National Autism Conference at Penn State. We will be pursuing this research further, as well other projects, and continue to present at other conferences.

Here are the posters.

Effects of the Rapid Motor Imitation Sequence on Vocal Imitation with Non-Vocal Children

A Case Study: Effect of hours of ABA programming across

behaviors and skill acquisition

Differential Reinforcement of Eye Contact During Mand Training

Increasing mands for information in children with autism in the presence of establishing operations

The Effects of Backwards Chaining on Echoic Language Skill Acquisition in Children with Autism 

Using an Echoic to Tact Transfer-of-Stimulus Control Procedure to Teach Tacting Skills to a Learner with Autism

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