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Wouldn't it be easier if your kids wanted to study?

Direct Instruction

Anything can be learned by anyone. It isn't a question of if it can be learned, but how.

Direct Instruction is the process of breaking complicated "higher order cognitive functions" into simpler and simpler units of information until it can be easily learned.

Breaking it down decreases the strain on learning, turning studying into an easy and enjoyable process.

How It Works

Bring in the study materials for your next exam or assignment.
We'll show you how to break down the information into pieces that are easy for your brain to digest.
Next, we'll use SAFMEDS to learn materials to the point of fluency.
Then, we use Celeration Charts to ensure progress.
And Lastly...

"Teach a man to fish..."

One of the bigger issues with today's tutoring services is that they only teach your kids how to pass one exam at a time.

We teach your children how to study, 

ensuring all future academic success.

Compelling Teaching.

Powerful Learning.

• Open to Grades K-12


• Afterschool and Weekends

• By appointment

• $60 per hour

• Sessions conducted by Registered Behavior Technicians

• Supervised by BCBA's

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