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Behavioral Connections provides home-based and center-based medically necessary applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to learners 0-21 years old with language and social deficits.

  • We use the principles of behavior identified by BF Skinner
  • We use Skinner’s functional analysis of language to discover and teach the necessary language skills to improve overall development
  • We use Dr. Mark Sundberg’s VB-MAPP as an assessment for identifying individual deficits
  • We use 10 effective teaching procedures simultaneously found within behavior analysis literature
  • All of the research that our forefathers have uncovered help us to deliver the most successful intervention within the field of applied behavior analysis
  • We seek to add to the literature, and further our field

We are fulfilling our ethical obligation to provide the best intervention science has yet uncovered. We treat all children humanely, and the way, we ourselves, want to be treated.


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